Who we are

Free Truckee Tahoe is a group of dedicated freedom lovers that work together to preserve the ability of people to live a free life within our schools and community.

We are parents, grandparents, educators, and other individuals, who network, hold events, and advocate when necessary to preserve this freedom – and we are having fun and building a new community while doing it.

We believe that every child deserves an education, and that ever individual should have the freedom of opinion and expression.

We are pro-medical choice and pro-educational choice. We stand against discrimination and believe that ever person should have a choice in their beliefs, their values, and the personal decisions they make about their body.

We believe that parents should have a say in the curriculum that is being taught to our children, and the ability to opt in our out of any curriculum that goes against our personal beliefs.

We advocate for more involvement of parents in school decisions, for open school boards that freely discuss parent-raised issues, and for parent choice when choosing in curriculum and other school decisions.

Our core belief is that when you raise a child, that relationship does not involve co-parenting with the government. Our schools should be a resource to parents, and not dictate the way parents must raise their children.

If you are a like minded parent, educator, or simply someone who sees change, join our Free Truckee Tahoe community and help us maintain freedom and choice for all.

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